the piano behind the kitchen was quiet.

Sound and video artist, performer, independent researcher and teacher, Cristiano Rosa was born in Porto Alegre/Brasil. Work to turn conventional techniques in poetic labs. This about appropriation, demystify and association of objects and ideas, the results are audiovisual concerts with instruments constructed and modified, installations, urban interventions and a series of laboratories and workshops. Cristiano has performed in festivals like: Artemov, Hipersonica, Live Cinema, Mobile, Mercosul Biennial, Piksel (Norway), Pixalache (Finland), Bogotrax and Medelab(Colombia), Dorkbot, Fobia (Chile) and Fringe (China).

2007 – kilik

“Kilik” is an album of 99 bars created with clicks, small pieces compose rhythms sound so very subtle. The original intention of the disc is that these rhythms are re-combined to each hearing, mounted in various ways. A free puzzle, a game of arming. Released by Antena Collective.

2013 – med

med is a medium and the mayhem in reuse, recycle or restart some debris, just a noisy analogue sessions, into the unstable machines created by Cristiano Rosa, that slowly makes you enter to behind the curtain of everyday consciousness where hidden another unutterably strange mental universe. all pieces have created with assorted DIY devices handmade by Cristiano Rosa and collect…

绝对锋芒 – sharpness indeed

Sharpness indeed is about an independent/outsider research from Cristiano Rosa concerning with transversal knowledges, demystification of tech, electronic recycle and the interchange of DIY culture around South America. The synthesis of this research are the creation of electronic instruments built by the combination of assorted materials.

2011 – karimbo 555

Cristiano Rosa (Panetone) and Daniel Llermaly (La Golden Acapulco) will present and share some experiences and reflections that have emerged from the tours that are led by different countries of South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay), and they made a different route, but with the same idea. Only in the last year they made more than 100…

electromagnetic field

A obra trata da ocupação do espaço físico por emissores e receptores de ondas de rádio AM, FM, VHF e UHF. Os emissores estarão transmitindo material audiovisual gerado por osciladores e câmeras, os receptores serão rádios AM, FM e aparelhos televisores sintonizados em canais específicos. Entre a transmissão e recepção estarão os espectadores, que com qualquer dispositivo eletrônico (celulares, computadores,…

short lived like a butterfly

“Short lived like a butterfly” is an audiovisual performance that uses unique electronic instruments, delicate and unstable, built by the combination of assorted materials found at electronic debris, using Circuit Bending. These devices when played together generate electrical signals that reach a wide range of frequencies (from audible to ultrasonic). Depending on the combination of these signs, to locate its…